10 Biggest Arrowverse Moments Of 2016

From aliens to paradoxes, 2016 was a giant year for the Arrowverse.

The CW

When he started with a little show called Arrow back in 2016, Greg Berlanti had no idea that his creation would grow so quickly and successfully. Since then, Arrow has spawned three new shows and a shared universe known as the Arrowverse (or Flarrowverse or Berlantiverse depending on who you ask).

With the number of new shows, heroes, and fans growing each year, 2016 has proven to be the most exciting year yet. From the launch of a new series (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) to the appearance of Superman, Savitar, and the Dominators, fans have had many reasons to stay tuned in 2016. By throwing in a few crossovers, some character deaths, and an alien invasion, the CW had the formula for success this year.

With all of the exciting events taking place, what were the 10 most important moments in the four shows that make up the Arrowverse in 2016?

10. Cold Fusion

The CW

Leonard Snart began his Arrowverse career as a cunning and ruthless criminal who came across a piece of stolen technology that forever changed his fate. Using Cisco’s cold gun, he became the villainous Captain Cold and had several run-ins with Barry and Team Flash. From his kidnapping of Dante Ramon to his betrayal of Barry while moving the prisoners from the particle accelerator, he has been a constant thorn in Barry’s side.

Despite his violent past, he and his partner in crime, Mick Rory (aka Heatwave) were drafted by the time-traveling Rip Hunter to help him save his family from Vandal Savage. As the first season of Legends of Tomorrow progressed, fans saw the unexpected transformation of Leonard Snart into a strong and reliable teammate in the battle against Vandal Savage. He soon became the most interesting character in the series.

While attempting to escape the Time Masters, the team jumped on the opportunity to destroy the Oculus and prevent the Time Masters from manipulating history. When Mick surprisingly decided to stay behind and die in the Oculus explosion, Leonard shocked fans by knocking Mick out and taking his place. By saving his partner and his team while sacrificing his life, Leonard became a hero, with his loss shaking the Legends and their fans to the core.

Not to worry, Captain Cold fans. Wentworth Miller has since signed a unique contract that will allow him to appear across all four shows in the Arrowverse with no word yet on how his death will be reversed.


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