10 Completely Insulting TV Plot Twists

10. It Doesn't Matter How Sherlock Survived His Fall - Sherlock


BBC's Sherlock managed to sidestep one controversial twist ending by revealing the world's second most iconic detective (Hey, Batman!) was alive at the end of the same episode where he "commits suicide" by jumping off a building.

Obviously, the main character that the show was named after isn't going to actually bite the bullet at the end of the second series, so at least there was minimal attempt to get us to actually believe it. However, this actually fed into a new problem.

For the two years between series 2 and 3, the main focus was on a single question: just how did Sherlock manage to survive his fall and fool an actual doctor into believing he was dead at the scene?

The answer? It doesn't matter.

No, seriously, that's the answer we were given.

Truthfully, it stinks of painfully lazy writing. Sure, there is some truth to the fact that no matter how he survived, it wouldn't really live up to the wild expectations that fans had. But you can't really ignore the fact that the show wrote itself into a corner with zero strategy on how to get out.

No, it isn't the show "being clever," and no, people that focus on how Sherlock survived are not "missing the point." It's laziness, pure and simple.

We're still waiting, BBC.

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