10 Doctor Who Characters Who Would Make A Great Prime Minister

Whatever you do, don't vote Saxon.

It's General Election week here in the UK, and the country is poised to usher in a Prime Minister from the rogues gallery of faces on offer. Some of the party leaders wouldn't look out of place menacing the nation in the world's longest-running sci-fi programme, so what better time to take a break from the political jousting and speculate over which characters from the Whoniverse are best-equipped to lead Britain instead? Having saved our bacon (sandwich) on numerous occasions, the Doctor has had his fair share of brushes with the occupant of Number 10. He battled the Slitheen and the Master (pictured above) within its walls, bantered with Winston Churchill during World War II and beyond, and of course saw his friend Harriet Jones valiantly run the country before being exterminated by Daleks. Oh for a squadron of Skaro's finest to descend on some of the more unsavoury candidates in 2015! This article scours the show's history, banging on doors and ringing bells, to canvas opinion on the finest options from the Time Lord's adventures. From companions to monsters, and maybe even an appearance from a certain Gallifreyan himself - the polling for Whovian PM starts here! So whether you're red, blue, yellow, green, purple or a combination of all colours (Sixth Doctor, we're looking at you!), check out the manifesto and make your decision...

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