10 Emmy Nominations That Should Happen (But Won't)

Emmy1 You all know the feeling: after desperately hanging on to the already slim hope of your favourite shows and actors receiving an Emmy nod, those same hopes are dashed within a few minutes as a list of names are revealed, containing (for the most part) predictably familiar faces and a few equally predictable newcomers. Oh well, there€™s always next year, right? (Wrong!) Let€™s make one thing very clear though: there is a difference between adoring an actor or show, and said actor/show actually deserving an award. Example; I love Castle, but in no way am I championing it for an Emmy this year. The two don€™t have to come together, as with something like this one has to be able to step back€”at least a little. This isn€™t to say the examples I€™m about to list aren€™t artists or shows that I really like or even adore, because of course they are (for the most part.) But they are also, I feel, examples of work completely deserving of some recognition through TV€™s most €˜prestigious€™ awards ceremony. If this was simply a list of TV that I€™m obsessive (and bitter) over, then trust me it would be a lot longer. Given that I keep repeating the word €˜deserving€™, this piece is obviously hinging on something fundamentally subjective. So, please, feel free to disagree with me. Some may consider it pointless. All that matters is that we enjoy the shows and performances etc., right? Yes, that is important. Remember that. Also, some of these do win smaller awards, most of which goes unreported, so it€™s not like there€™s a complete lack of recognition from outside the immediate fan base. But, within the humungous amount of television I consume, there lies a few examples of work that I feel is of such a high quality that it deserves to be recognised on a scale such as the Emmy€™s. But it definitely won€™t be, for varying reasons. In no particular order, here are the Emmy nominations that should happen, but almost certainly won€™t€
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