10 Essential Netflix Original Series Every Subscriber Must Watch

10. Narcos


Netflix are really branching out with their foreign-language series as they attempt to truly achieve global domination, with the likes of Dark and The Rain generating high amounts of buzz recently.

Narcos - which uses both English and Spanish - wasn't quite their first (Club de Cuervos premiered just a few weeks prior) but it is easily their biggest and, based on consistency over the last few years (something Dark and The Rain have yet to prove) it is their best too.

Focusing on the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and, in a wider sense, the Colombian cartel and examination of the drug trade, it serves not only as a thrilling series but offers up some fascinating history too (with dramatic licence, of course), especially as it's moved away from Escobar and become a more complex narrative. It's a great entry point into Netflix's foreign-language offerings, but also just an exciting, easy binge in its own right.


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