10 Facts About Westeros Game Of Thrones Won't Tell You

10. Humans Aren’t Native To Westeros


Considering that the known history of Westeros spans tens of thousands of years, it makes sense that Game Of Thrones won’t dedicate all of its episodes to exploring it. In fact, the only mention on the show of the pre-history time in Westeros known as the Dawn Age often comes in passing asides between charaters. And between who’s sleeping with who on the show and who wants to overthrow what, there’s already enough to focus on without trying to figure out what happened 12,000 years before the show started.

As it turns out however, the Dawn Age of Westeros was a fascinating time, as it was actually the first time that humans stepped foot on the continent. Yes, Westeros was originally only home to the race that we’ve seen briefly in Game Of Thrones, The Children Of The Forest.

When they roamed the content it was a heavily wooded and sparsely populated place, with no weapons or technology of any sort. There were no power struggles, no kings, and no White Walkers at that time. All that the Children Of The Forest had was magic, but even that didn’t help them when the First Men – a group of humans from Essos – first stumbled upon Westeros.


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