10 Famous TV Characters Who Randomly Changed Personalities

6. Randy Hickey - My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl is a show about a man who's learning to become a better person; he believes in karma, and believes that by visiting a list of everyone he's ever wronged and doing something to make up it, unlucky things will stop happening to him. It's understandable that Earl would have a significant character shift over the show's four seasons, but brother Randy also changed dramatically, seemingly for no reason. The pair both start off dislikeable rednecks; Earl is a desperately luckless, selfish and nasty thief with Randy being equally nasty, tough, street-wise and a heavy drinker. As Earl becomes more enlightened with his mission to do good, Randy also changes, but instead of just becoming a nicer person, he becomes more naive and childlike as the series go on. It's hinted by Earl that Randy may be autistic, and as the series progresses, the writers seem to draw more and more on the simple side of his personality, forgetting that he was cleverer and tougher at the start of the show. Randy was never that innocent in the early days of the show though. As My Name Is Earl veered more towards Earl's ex-wife Joy, and her constant scheming, both Randy and Earl became more likeable characters. Earl had a reason to be, but what's Randy's excuse?
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