10 Fantastic Opening Moments To TV Shows

Because what better way to begin a show about meth-dealing than with a gun-toting man in his underpants?

It's probably more daunting to approach writing a TV series than a film. A film can be over in 90 minutes, but a series must elongate itself in chapters and episodes. And that's possibly why TV shows usually rely on a plethora of writers, rather than just the one. Television needs investment; it requires time and effort, and that's maybe why TV shows have some of the most loyal and proudest fans. A TV fan must have the patience of a saint, as nothing ever comes straight away; you have to allow the show to grow, develop and find its feet. With that development, comes the character arcs that pay off as the story goes on. Plots move on, and spiral away from those humble begins, hopefully snowballing into momentous televisual events; some finales can make premieres look sluggish and non-committal. But sometimes, shows really do ignite into flames almost immediately. It feels like there's already backstory, that these characters are real, and when we're given us a situation for us to dive headfirst into, these shows grip us from the off. We've seen thousands of explosive endings to TV series - some that even happened mid-sentence - but there are very few that are so irresistibly captivating, that they've thrilled us from the very opening moments. Here are ten of the most wonderful TV openings ever broadcast. Which are your favourites? Comment below!

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