10 Forgotten Doctor Who Stories That Are Just As Good As 'The Classics'

021 Doctor Who has its classics, stories that everybody loves and remembers. Just look at the stories often mentioned as being so fantastic: Genesis of the Daleks, The Caves of Androzani and more recently The Stolen Earth/Journey's End. All are indeed worthy of praise and deserve their reputation. However there are some gems that seem to be mentioned far less but are worthy of viewing just as much as the classics. The little stories that don't really impact the Whoniverse in a great way and therefore just fall into the category a 'monster of the week'. Yet hidden in there are some thoroughly enjoyable tales with some great ideas. There are reasons that these stories are forgotten however. Maybe it's a slow episode in the middle, or a slightly weak monster but nevertheless, get past that one little thing and you may find that you're enjoying yourself immensely. So here are ten Doctor Who stories that are very entertaining and should be mentioned much more often than they are. There's a mixture of Old and Nu Who in here, but still I guess a SPOILER WARNING counts.
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