10 Greatest Ever TV Duos

Rock solid platonic relationships that somehow manage to dominate the show.

There€™s an ineffable quality that makes a pair of TV characters work together, usually a combination of writing, chemistry, and some unknown third ingredient. Whatever it is, having it on a show usually guarantees success. These two characters bring out the best (or worst, depending on the type of show it is) in one another, and when they€™re together, everything else seems to click into place. It's all about the give and take between the characters, and how they balance one another out. Interestingly enough, few of these pairings end up romantically, although the folks over at Tumblr might have a few choice words to say about that. For the most part, these are just rock solid platonic relationships that somehow manage to dominate the show. It's only natural that a lot of these pairings have stood the test of time, and the ones that are on television right now will continue to be held up as an example of fantastic friendships for years to come.

10. Sherlock/John - Sherlock

Remember that whole thing about most of the relationships not being romantic? Well...kind of. As much as Sherlock fans would probably keel over and die of happiness if there was ever indisputable canon proof that Sherlock and John were an item, they are officially just friends/roommates. But part of what makes them work so well together is that they are, in a way, very much in a relationship with one another. They understand one another, feed off of each other, and truly care for each other in a way that no other characters do on the show. Sure, John loves Mary, but if you mess with Sherlock, he will burn your world to ashes. For some reason, John is one of the only people Sherlock can tolerate having around him, and one of the only people who can stand being around him for more than necessary. You can see it as early as the first episode: John is impressed by Sherlock's abilities and willing to guide him in human interactions rather than just writing him off as a jerk. Sherlock, in turn, appreciates John's superior ability to interact with people and recognizes that he has a different, potentially useful, skill set. They're a great fit, which is only natural, given that they're one of literature's most enduring duos.
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