10 Greatest Horror TV Shows Since 2000

Wipe the blood off the remote...

Scream Brooke Carrie

'Tis the season to be bloody. With Killer Clowns haunting the neighbourhood, it is time to draw the curtains and lock up the house tight. While you wait for the craze of murderous circus folk to end, we have the perfect shows to pass the time.

In a modern era of Skype and Scream, we have come along way since wobbly sets and cheap scares courtesy of HBO's Tales from the Crypt anthology. These days it is all GaGa and go in a world of Netflix and Kill

While we may never be able go back to the dizzying heights of The Twilight Zone's 'Nightmare at 20,000 ft.', we are definitely in the era of the horror TV show. We can barely move for zombie apocalypses, teenage wolves, or American Horror Stories. With Netflix's recent acquisition of the Black Mirror series, even VOD can't get enough of gory stories.

Whether you prefer flesh-eaters, campy comedy, or good old fashioned gothic horror, here are the 10 best TV shows to come crawling out of our telly boxes since the noughties began.

It's going to be a scream...


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