10 Greatest TV Shows Of The Decade... So Far

Box fresh...

TV isn't what it used to be. With production costs spiralling upwards, more furiously engaged fandoms and a shift towards "binge-watch" culture, there has never been a better time to be a fan of the small screen. And as we're on the verge of hitting the midway point of the decade there really is no better time than now to take a gander back and see what televised treats have been wowing us for the last five (ish) years. But before you get ahead of yourselves with the guessing and the surmising, this humble feature is celebrating programs that began to air from 2010 onwards, so as good as they were, save your vocal defence of the likes of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Deadwood, The Wire and Battlestar Galactica for elsewhere. Looking back, the 10s have been a veritable proving ground of exciting new shows. There€™s been comedy (New Girl, Anger Management), quirk (Orange Is The New Black), geeky joy (Comic Book Men, Marvel€™s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.), gripping psychological yarns (The Following, Hannibal), mind-cuddling science fiction (Helix, Black Mirror, The Tomorrow People), girl power (Girls), guy power (Suits), crime (Ray Donovan, The Killing), some hits from the Brits (Broadchurch, Luther, Call The Midwife, Line Of Duty), horror (From Dusk Till Dawn, American Horror Story) and a host of other classy shows that, like these, never made it off the shortlist. Truly, we have been spoiled. So, get your boxset wishlists at the ready, put up your spoiler shields and take a look back at what the decade has offered us so far.

Shaun is a former contributor for a number of Future Publishing titles and more recently worked as a staffer at Imagine Publishing. He can now be found banking in the daytime and writing a variety of articles for What Culture, namely around his favourite topics of film, retro gaming, music, TV and, when he's feeling clever, literature.