10 Greatest TV Shows Of The Decade... So Far

10. Treme

Broadcasting The Buzz

Let's face it, the premise alone is enough to pique interest €“ a bunch of New Orleanians getting by in the wake of Hurricane Katrina €“ but when it was announced that Treme would be David Simon€™s latest project, the world grew eager for another slice of weighty realism from The Wire creator. What they got, however, was something altogether different: a celebration of community, music and personal struggle, with some added grit under the fingernails in the form of an involving murder mystery.

Major Players:

Keeping it in the family, Simon brought in regular collaborator, Eric Overmyer, on co-creating duties along with familiar faces in Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters (The Wire€™s Bunk and Lester Freamon), Khandi Alexander (The Corner), as well as bringing in some new thesps in the form of Steve Zahn, Melissa Leo and John Goodman. Massive props should also go to Blake Leyh for his award-winning work as Treme€™s music supervisor, which forms the rhythmically beating heart of this series.

What Next?

Like Simon€™s previous works, Treme had a predetermined lifespan and as such concluded in December 2013, having only been on the air for three years. Impressively, over its lifespan Simon and co were able to tell their tale in thirty six episodes, which spanned four tightly-plotted seasons. Next up, word is that Simon is teaming up with Oprah to bring an adaptation of Taylor Branch's Pulitzer prize-winning Martin Luther King tome, America: In The King Years, to our screens.

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