What makes a great ‘Wise Ass’? Or more to the point, why on Earth would any society revere a character so hell bent on sardonicism? Charm and charisma are undoubtedly answers to these questions but, then again, Hitler was said to be charismatic and the emotionally stunted cast of TOWIE continue to propagate relationships based on their ‘charms’ so these two answers lack satisfaction really.

The innate ability to at once, conjure a hilariously worded put down, stupefy the easily confused and crumble a victim’s point/argument to dust with which to make their bread; these are reasons why the ‘Wise Asses’ are most revered. It’s the sheer enjoyment of their presence in life. Failure is delicious and a wise-ass comment is its sublimely humorous condiment.

Over the decades, T.V. has been laden with ‘Wise Asses’ for these reasons and over the next ten clicks we’re going to explore the Top 10 Greatest of the lot! Spanning the expanse of comedy, drama, and all things telly we’re going to take a mini-sojourn into ‘Wise Ass-ery’ and revel in the splendour of some of its finest practitioners. Some will be missed, others will confound but all are undoubtedly excellent. Pucker up, this could get invasive.

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This article was first posted on October 15, 2012