10 Groundbreaking TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon


We all know the feeling. The last few lines are spoken, and sooner than we're able to comprehend what's happening, the music is playing and the credits are rolling. The music is usually very sad. Whether it's an end to a season, or the entire run, most of us have experienced the crushing feeling that comes with the cancellation or conclusion of a beloved television show. I, personally, find saying good bye to some characters very difficult; it seems that soon the cast of Community will be joining that bittersweet collection of better times. In the days leading up to the possibly final season of Community, here is my list of 10 TV shows that were cancelled too soon.

10. Community

Community Yes, yes, I know it's not cancelled YET, but that's the kicker, isn't it? It seems inevitable that it will not make it past this season, with the departure of Dan Harmon, among other important creators, and it's recently been announced that Chevy Chase has left the show, though he will appear for the duration of Season 4, which in itself will be a half length season, a first for the show. The signs are not looking well, and despite the apparent lack of viewers, I regularly and often meet people who love Community with a passion, and who tune in to news regarding the show with a certain zealotry that many of you might be familiar with. Alas, if this list were being written after the show's cancellation, it would be rated higher, which is why I placed it at the end. No doubt a massive cultural cornerstone for those of us aware of it, Community will long be remembered as being one of the funniest show's on television, as well as memorable in a way that hasn't been seen since Arrested Development, and the earlier seasons of the Simpsons.
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