10 Incredible Facts You Didn't Know About Netflix

Billions of dollars and billions of hours - there is nothing out there today quite like Netflix.

netflix phone
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It€™'s not really an exaggeration to say that Netflix has fundamentally altered the way that we consume media, and the way that we live our lives. Until recently the term €˜binge-watching€™ would have been considered a gibberish conjunction of nothingness - and the very concept itself would have been thought of almost exclusively as an agoraphobic activity. Yet today binge-watching is arguably the fastest growing activity in the western world and content is specifically tailored to meet our marathon televisual needs.

For better or for worse, Netflix is both omnipresent and alarmingly omnipotent in our lives. The company has grown from a small organisation that can only be born from the kind of blind rage that occurs when you get charged $40 late fees on a rental of Apollo 13, to a game-changing cultural phenomenon.

There are many, many mind-blowing facts and figures about Netflix out there in the ether. Given its enormous rise, and the speed in which it has taken over the entertainment world, crazy statistics and pieces of information are inevitable...

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