10 Incredibly Shameless Product Placements In Well-Loved TV Shows

10. House Of Cards €“ PS Vita

House Of Cards Ps Vita What with it being a bold new experiment for Netflix, I guess you had to expect there would be a bevy of product placements popping up throughout the show. And you know what? I'm fine with that €“ if the occasional flash of a company logo gets us 13 episodes of quality TV, then the end justifies the means. Plus, it heightened the realism of the show €“ the fact there was both a Dunkin' Donuts and a Pizza Hut in the bowels of the Capitol and Sony smart devices were strewn across desks gave the whole thing some sort of real-world legitimation. But then of course, there was the PS Vita. Again, Playstation's first foray onto the show worked quite well as it meshed perfectly with Kevin Spacey's character. Frank Underwood is a man who uses the skins of other Congressmen to line his coat, so draining his excess rage through multiple bouts of Killzone 3 was a cool and understandable character beat. Yet what wasn't was when he went to visit Peter Russo and started waxing lyrical about the benefits of the Vita. It was just too blatant €“ here was Underwood, a devious schemer who could scare Satan to impotence, plugging a handheld console at the beginning of a political brutalising (or as Underwood calls it, Tuesday). It just didn't work, and it stood out like walrus at a line-dance.

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