10 Most Inglorious TV Character Deaths (After The Actor Left The Show)


Starring in a TV show is a big deal €“ a long term commitment to something that will dominate an actor€™s career for what could be a number of years. None of us are going to feel sorry for someone in such a privileged position, but it must be daunting if an actor is unhappy in their job. Sometimes a situation comes to the point that it cannot be resolved, be it behind the scenes problems or simply the talent wanting to leave for pastures anew. As such the character must leave the series, in a way that wasn't the originally planned.

These kinds of exits can often feel extremely rushed, completely out of place with what came before it and in some cases the writers take the opportunity to give the outgoing actor the finger. Depending on the situation the exit can take place off screen or the actors may stick around to show the death of their character, but either way it just doesn't feel right. The writers don't always have a choice, so they have to make the best of a bad situation. Yet almost always, when a character's death is unplanned it sucks. Be it the character, the story or the rest of the show's cast, there is always a casualty.

A television series is meant to be a long-form story, something that takes a number of years to get through. Season after season the plot will develop and eventually a character may come to its natural conclusion, but if this conclusion is forced it can result in a notably poor departure.

With that in mind, here are 10 inglorious character deaths.


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