10 Most Insane TV Show Storylines Ever

10. Tony Soprano Dreams He€™s A Travelling Salesman

Like its spiritual successor Breaking Bad, The Sopranos is littered with dream imagery and metaphor, sometimes actively breaking into the storyline in the form of dream sequences €“ as it should be for a TV show which, in its formative years, centred around a middle-aged mobster undergoing psychoanalysis. However, the beginning of the final season took it several stages further, and potentially one step too far. The premiere of season six saw Tony€™s uncle, Corrado €˜Junior€™ Soprano, increasingly suffering from dementia, accidentally shoots Tony at the end of the episode, believing him to be his long-dead nemesis €˜Little Pussy€™ Malanga. The following two episodes saw Tony in a coma in hospital while his soldiers, family and rivals schemed and plotted without him€ and Tony dreamed he was a mild-mannered travelling salesman, who€™d lost his wallet and briefcase in a classic mix-up with an individual by the evocative name of Kevin Finnerty. That€™s right, creator and showrunner David Chase used this key part of the narrative to have Tony address issues of alienation and mid-life crisis in an existential near death experience. The riskiest storytelling gamble in the show€™s risky history, it paid off when the two episodes were cited as two of the best of the entire series, and the first, €˜Join The Club€™, would receive two award nominations for best director.

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