10 Life Lessons The Walking Dead Teaches Us


The Walking Dead. It's the gift that just keeps on giving. Or taking away, if you're looking at the body count. But more than being just a 45-minute blood-and-guts-fest providing thrills, spills, and the ultimate sense of escapism (though why you'd want to escape to a world infested with zombies, I don't know), could it possibly offer us many vital lessons about life in general, in the same way Breaking Bad taught us not to get involved with Class-A narcotics unless you have a Chemistry degree, and how Friends taught us that you can't actually be friends with a member of the opposite sex without wanting to have sex with them? Well, my inquisitive friends, let's find out, shall we...?

10. Don't Buy A Mercury Sable

Wd10 In case you were unsure, this is the car Lori was driving when she had her memorable crash halfway through Season 2. You remember, she hit a walker on a back road and lost control of the car. Now I don't know how much walkers weigh, but I can't imagine it's a lot; after all, for the most part, they're little more than skin and bone. Nevertheless, when Lori hit one, that Sable spun around faster than a drunken dad at a salsa class. Of course, much can be said about Lori's driving ability, and not without justification. But in her defence, the brake lights were on. It wasn't wet or slippy. But the car didn't even begin to slow down. And then when it went off-road; boy, that thing flipped faster than a drunken dad at a trampolining class. All in all, not the best advertisement for Mercury Motors.

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