10 Major Blunders in Doctor Who

50 years and nearly 800 stories... we can't blame them for not getting everything right.

Over 50 years and nearly 800 stories, Doctor Who has consistently delivered some of the best science fiction on television, and is currently the most popular sci-fi TV show on the planet. Let that sink in, people like me who have loved the series since back in the olden days. But it hasn't been all raisins and glory, oh, no. There's been some pretty bad mis-steps over the course of those fifty years. Let's have a look at ten times when the series...well, wasn't all it could have been.

10. The Master Race (€œThe End of Time€ Parts 1 and 2, 2009)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UszT_L4QWII Yeah, the Master, decides to clone himself and turn everyone on the Earth into him for t3h evulz! At least I think that€™s the reason. It€™s really not very clear, and frankly, it€™s very stupid. Stupid enough that it muscled out the also very dumb, €œbringing the Master back to life using his horcrux€ scene, and that€™s saying something.

9. The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon (€œThe Gunfighters€, 1966)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKSocNFdsbc Ok, so the episode itself isn€™t great. Sci-fi western stories seldom are (I€™m looking at you, Firefly!). For some reason almost everyone seems to think they€™re two great tastes that should taste great together, but with the exception of the Red Dwarf episode, €œGunmen of the Apocalypse€, they€™ve all pretty much sucked (looking very hard at you, Firefly!). But silly and bizarre though the plot is (a plot which, mind you, has the Doctor seeking the dental technology of the late 1800s when he has all of time and space to pick from), it€™s not nearly as bad as the song. Yes, for some reason, someone decided what this episode really needed was an old West-style ballad. Even that isn€™t really horrible, per se, but it plays on and on and on and on, and like every two minutes you get a line from it. It€just€won€™t€END! Kind of like my dislike for Firelfy.
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