10 Major Game Of Thrones Deaths You Didn’t Give A Sh*t About

Oh no, not whathisname!

Tom Butler



In a series as saturated with characters as Game of Thrones, it can be difficult to invest in each and every one of their stories. In particular, when a show is as consistently bloodthirsty as this, it can be impossible to muster up the strength to care about every single character death.

There have been many notable death scenes that have caused ripples through the Game of Thrones community. In fact, it’s something the show has become infamous for. However, for every Eddard or Oberyn, there’s several others that simply weren’t fleshed out enough for us to care, regardless of how unjust or grizzly their end may have been.

The characters featured on this list all play an important part in the mythos of Game of Thrones in some way. From supporting some of the biggest players in the series, to being contenders for the throne themselves, it should have been a big deal when they died. Despite this, and unfortunately for their legacy, it turns out no one gave a sh*t when they kicked the bucket though.

As ever with Game of Thrones articles, there be spoilers ahead. If you’ve watched up to the end of Season 4 you’ll be fine though, and we won’t be discussing anything spoiler-worthy with regards to the future plotlines of the books.