10 MORE Game Of Thrones Deleted Scenes You Need To See

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While there were some deleted scenes released for the first four seasons - which we've already talked about - unfortunately for fans, there hasn't really been a culture of deleted scenes around Game Of Thrones. No matter how much fans called for more - particularly in the wake of the divisive final season - the alternate and deleted footage has mostly been kept locked away in HBO's vault.

That doesn't mean it's all completely missing though - there are some key deleted scenes from season 5 onwards that have been released and a couple that the cast have talked about with such enthusiasm that it's a major shame we haven't been able to see them in full. Yet, that is.

When the complete box set is released in its inevitable premium Collector's Edition (it'll happen sooner or later), hopefully we'll get to see these cut scenes added as extras - particularly the ones we only know exist thanks to interviews with the cast.

10. Tormund Vs Ser Alliser

Anyone with half a brain will confirm that Game Of Thrones needed more Tormund. It doesn't even matter what he was doing, frankly, he just deserved even more screentime (despite his move into a more supporting role probably saved him in the end).

We know that he almost had a few more scenes as well, thanks to interviews with Kristofer Hivju and also some cut scenes that have been released.

Some of them would have been great too, like this scene from The Wall that saw him almost goading Alliser Thorne when the Wildlings are "welcomed" into the care of the Night's Watch. As Thorne expresses how much he'd prefer to kill Tormund rather than take care of him and his people, the Wildling cheekily replies, "You must no longer be in charge, then," which causes a look of pure disgust on Thorne's face.

Talk about foreshadowing Jon's eventual murder at Thorne and his co-conspirators' hands.

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