10 Most Binge-Watched Netflix TV Shows Of 2018

9. Insatiable

Insatiable Netflix

Insatiable is a new sitcom with just 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, so how did it become one of Netflix's most binged series of 2018? It's likely got less to do with the show itself, and a lot more to do with the controversy surrounding it.

The comedy focuses on the life of Patty Bladell, a teenager who was relentlessly bullied in school for being overweight. However, a freak accident while on summer vacation means she has to go on a liquid diet for three months, leading to a dramatic weight loss, marked change in appearance, and a whole new attitude. Patty then goes on to seek revenge on all those who bullied her.

Even prior to the season airing, a petition on Change.org had received over 100,000 signatures calling for Netflix to cancel the show due to claims of it fat-shaming - a petition that now has over 230,000 signees. That only seems to have boosted it though, with people presumably tuning in just to see what the fuss is all about (it helps that it's led by Disney Channel star Debbie Ryan too), and rather than cancel it, Netflix have greenlit a second season.


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