10 Most Bizarre Cameos By Wrestlers On TV Shows

1. Triple H - Pacific Blue

USA Network

The appearance in a nutshell: While wearing his D-Generation X t-shirt (for some reason), Triple H casually suplexes California bike cops inside an abandoned warehouse. His entire role involves "sneaking up" behind cops in windbreakers -- who have their guns drawn and are trying to arrest his cohort -- tossing off a lame one-liner, and then pummeling them with a generic wrestling maneuver.

That's the short version. Now, let's put some context around this thing. Pacific Blue was a cop show that aired on USA Network, and craving some network synergy, it routinely featured some of WWE Raw's biggest stars. So, in that way, it makes sense why Hunter would pop up essentially playing a version of himself.

But his appearance becomes more troubling when you pull back to realize his role is that of an enforcer for a group of child pornographers/statutory rapists. So...a barely-altered version of one of WWE's top stars -- wearing WWE merchandise and touting his affiliation with the hottest stable in the company -- is beating up cops and defending the scummiest people on the planet?

That's some solid cross-promotion right there.

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