10 Most Disappointing TV Shows Of 2017

1. The Defenders

Defenders Netflix EW

The Defenders isn't the worst Marvel show of the year, nor is it even the worst Netflix Marvel show (people really need to stop hiring Scott Buck to run their series), but it is the most disappointing.

Announced back in 2013 when Marvel revealed their deal with Netflix, this was four years, four series, and five seasons in the making, in-effect serving as Marvel's small screen, street-level version of The Avengers.

The Defenders did have some good elements, like whenever it actually allowed its four heroes to be together, but such moments were too few and far between. Jessica Jones and Daredevil also came out of it well, but the show took far too long in bringing everyone together.

That slow pacing would continue throughout its eight-episode run, meaning even a shorter season suffered from many of the same storytelling issues as its predecessors. It was another series bogged down by the Hand, there was a surprising lack of action, poor direction, and it never did enough to justify its existence beyond being corporately mandated four years ago.

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