10 Most Insane TV Show Storylines Ever

1. Felicity Travels Back In Time

Debuting in 1998 as a part of The WB Network€™s parade of lightweight dramas featuring wiseacre teenagers with self-referential dialogue, Felicity'€™s unique selling point (aside from the hairstyle of the titular protagonist) was that it followed the course of the heroine€™s college life.

Created by a then-unknown J.J. Abrams, each season was intended to specifically represent a year of college, from freshman and sophomore through to junior and senior, and episodes would, unusually for shows based around college, actually show the cast attending classes and, you know, learning things, as well as learning important things about themselves of course. Throughout its run, the show was your usual tangle of love triangles, misunderstandings, break-ups, make-ups and delayed gratification for audiences, just like fellow teen drama Dawson's Creek, which debuted the same year.

Where Felicity differed was in the final season, which was intended to finish entirely as expected: with Felicity, our strangely self-obsessed and mop-headed heroine, finally choosing which boy to settle down with, as she and the rest of the cast graduated college. And then, at the eleventh hour€ the network decided to give the show an additional five episodes. Rather than shunt them in before the projected finale, producers decided to give themselves and their dwindling audience one last little treat. Time travel. Yes, Felicity would, through means of a magical spell, travel back in time and affect her own past, making a series of different decisions in an effort to change the place her life had ended up in, and in so doing completely screw up the lives of all the people around her (not that she€™'d ever cared about that kind of thing).

The series would finally bow out with her mature and considered reflection that she€™'d made the right decision after all, and that there had been little point in trying to change history€ just as audiences had been screaming at her for five whole pointless episodes. Well, it was a J.J. Abrams series.

Do you have some utterly demented television storylines to add to our list? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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