10 Most Ludicrous Moments From Sense8

What is Martha Jones doing?!

Turns out The Wachowskis have still got it, whatever €œit€ is exactly. The directors of The Matrix trilogy are back on form €“ after disappointing with pretty much everything they did ever since the first Matrix, including anime adaptation Speed Racer and the racially troubling Cloud Atlas adaptation €“ thanks to their Netflix series Sense8. You may not have heard.

Unfortunately, a lot of the hype behind their sci-fi show has been swept aside in favour of the streaming service's other blockbuster original series, Orange Is The New Black, which returned for its third season. There's likely plenty more surprising plot twists and developments in that prison dramedy, but nothing that compares to the madness of Sense8.

In collaboration with Babylon 5 writer J Michael Straczynski and directors Tom Tykwer and James McTeigue, the Wachowskis' latest project is even more out there than 2015's Jupiter Ascending. And that's a film where Channing Tatum was a part-dog alien mutt, and Sean Bean's DNA was split with that of a bumblebee. That's how crazy Sense8 is. Crazier than Sean Bee.

The story of eight strangers around the world linked through some psychic mumbo-jumbo flies way past that initial premise with a heady mix of group sex, a former Doctor Who assistant as you've never seen her before and a jukebox of forgotten nineties one-hit wonders being used for emotional breakthroughs. Here are the ten most ludicrous scenes from Sense8.


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