10 Most Memorable Friends Cameos

6. Brooke Shields

€œOh, these hands; these beautiful hands; I could just eat them€but I won€™t.€

Played: Erica, Joey€™s nutty stalker I include Shields€™s appearance on the show because I remember it during the earlier years of the show€™s run. More vividly, I remember how amusing she was as an obsessive fan of Joey€™s, or as she knew him, Dr. Drake Ramoray. This nutcase genuinely believed that Joey was the guy he played on TV and in a fantastic scene, she hurtles across town to confront him after watching him kiss a co-star on TV. The following water-throwing sequence is one of those great moments of comedy that never leave you. Fans of the show will forever cherish:

€œAnd you left the toilet seat up, you bastard!€

As one of the earlier guest appearances, Shields€™ performances doesn€™t get a lot of mention as years and years of prestigious names have come and gone but her scene with Joey in the restaurant is fantastic and she represents an early example of these wacky, almost cartoonish cameo appearances that we€™d all be getting used to.
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