10 Most Terrifying Moments From HBO's Chernobyl

There was nothing sane about Chernobyl, but there was plenty that was terrifying.


Chernobyl was a truly terrifying miniseries, and the fact that it all happened to poor souls in real life makes it all the worse. While it was white-knuckled fear-inducing at times, it was also strangely compelling and savagely beautiful, focussing on the very human story at the heart of the tragedy.

There were some wonderfully touching and despairing moments in the series too, as it created a startlingly well-rounded picture of the emotional fallout as well as the literal, radioactive fallout raining down on Chernobyl. A more complete show you could not have.

Here though, we look at the most terrifying aspects of the show. There’s body horror, slow creeper moments and sudden jolts of panic, which were mixed in with the softer character moments that made the series so affecting.

It’s currently the number one ranked show on IMDb, and you’d be hard pressed to think of a show which has done more in such a short space of time. It’s a steep accolade, but one Chernobyl has earned.

Chernobyl was absolutely heart-stopping at times, and no more so than these ten brilliantly dramatic moments.

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