10 Most Underappreciated Performances On TV Right Now

All of the ability, none of the acclaim.


We're spoilt for choice when it comes to great performances in the current television climate.

Even for the majority of the 21st century, there was usually just a handful of truly great actors on TV to get excited about, and often little argument to be had about who was giving the best performance on TV. The Holy Trinity of snarling bald men (James Gandolfini, Michael Chiklis, and Bryan Cranston) comes to mind.

With more prestige dramas and inventive genre fiction being televised than ever before, innovative and arresting performances are commonplace enough that it's incredibly easy for the best to slip right past you. And that's not even to mention the sterling work being done on less popular shows, or in the avenues of fiction that typically receive less critical attention and praise.

It's always valuable to take a moment and consider these high-quality performances that are going under-utilised and underappreciated.

Whether it's due to being outshone by co-stars, taking on a subtler and more understated character, smaller viewership or by straying a little outside the bounds of convention, there's currently a litany of fantastic performances flying under the radar, quietly delivering excellence without the appropriate song and dance being made about them.

Seems like it's time to try and rectify that.


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