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No show within any 90′s kid’s childhood delivered the scares better than Are You Afraid of the Dark. Sorry, Goosebumps – you were good but nowhere near as frightening. The introduction alone was enough to give one nightmares and is arguably the scariest part of the entire show. For those of you who slept through the 90′s – or were unfortunate enough to be born in the new millennium – the premise of the show is that a group of kids dubbed the Midnight Society gather around a campfire to tell bone-chilling tales of horror. The series is presented in true anthology style as each episode focuses on one member’s story and very often focused on an issue they were facing in their reality.

It’s quite entertaining, and blissfully nostalgic, to go back through the episodes and re-experience the terror firsthand. You’ll notice plenty things that are new to you, but one of the more interesting things you’ll notice are a few familiar faces. Are You Afraid of the Dark, like any anthology series, featured a variety of guest spots by famous actors and actresses. The difference here is that they weren’t yet famous.

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This article was first posted on October 14, 2013