10 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching In 2016

Another year, 52 more weekends wasted sitting on the couch binge-watching.

Another year, another set of TV shows launched out into the universe. With television becoming more fluid yet still maintaining its status as being in a "golden age", viewers have a ton of options, making the fight for audiences ever more competitive. People don't even really need cable anymore. It's a beautiful time to be alive. 2016 offers an interesting array of new programming coming at audiences from all angles. There are traditional network television desperately trying to maintain a creative foothold (i.e. throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks), cable channels proving that they can continue to produce quality, and streaming services getting in on the action, with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all fighting for a piece of the pie. It's obvious to anyone who watches television that there are certainly more choices than ever before, and for the most part quality has remained relatively high (let's not talk about Dr. Ken and its inexplicable renewal just now). But the point is, we've all got a lot to look forward to in 2016, no matter what direction your tastes happen to run.

10. Angie Tribeca

Network: TBS Premiere Date: 25-hour Marathon on Jan. 17 at 9pm, second season on Jan. 25 at 9:30pm Wondering what Rashida Jones has been up to since Parks and Recreation went off the air? Well, it turns out she's been working on TBS's new comedy, Angie Tribeca. Created by Nancy and Steve Carell, this show is about a group of eccentric police officers in Los Angeles. TBS has taken an interesting tack on the release of this show: rather than having episodes aired weekly, they're going to run the entire first season in a 25 hour long marathon. This allows them to take advantage of the preference of many comedy fans to binge-watch, and negates the intro period that a lot of great comedies face, where it takes several episodes for audiences to get fully invested in the characters and jive with the sense of humor. (Consider, for example, the struggle of Parks and Recreation's first season.) TBS has such confidence in this show that it has already green lit and filmed a second season, which will be aired traditionally beginning on January 25.
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