10 Non-Netflix Marvel TV Shows Disney Should Make

Could Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider come together on Hulu?

Marvel Comics

Though ABC has been entertaining Marvel fans with Agents of SHIELD (and briefly Agent Carter) for years, it's the studio's Netflix output that has arguably been the most exciting for lovers of the franchise. There have been stumbling blocks like Iron Fist, but mostly it's been a blast to see the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage build up to The Defenders.

However, any fans wishing to see this corner of the MCU expand in the future will be disappointed as it is being reported that Netflix won't be getting any new TV shows from Marvel, though the current four that air on the site will continue. The reason why is because Disney is redirecting its Marvel content towards Hulu, Freeform, ABC and their upcoming streaming service. i.e. the companies and networks they have more of a stake in.

Given that, Marvel's TV division will need to come up with some fresh content to populate these new wings of the franchise. Just in case some execs from the House of Ideas are reading, here are a few pitches for new Marvel TV shows starring anyone from their most famous heroes to lesser-known characters who deserve a shot on the small screen.


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