10 Nostalgic British Children's TV Classics

3. You And Me

You and me, me and you Lots and lots for us to do Lots and lots for us to see Me and you, you and me Heavily influenced by Sesame Street's educational vibe and the research done by the Children's Television Workshop, You and Me was first aired by the BBC in the 1970s. In 1983, it moved from BBC 1 to BBC 2 and the classic Cosmo and Dibs period began. The program was concerned with children's emotional well being - not just the stuff they learned at school. The programme dealt with morals and the child's independence. Cosmo and Dibs were introduced in 1983. They were puppets based in London's Shepherd's Bush neighbourhood. Cosmo and Dibs Were featured in a four minute segment talking about anything that might interest children - eating, sleeping, bullying etc - almost anything was permitted as long as it was child-centred. The programme was targeted to 4/5 year olds. I am not sure what sort of animals Cosmo and Dibs were but I think they were brother and sister. Strangely, Cosmo had a Geordie accent and sounded like a heavy smoker. Dibs had a London accent. Go figure. The groovy reggae theme tune was provided by UB40. My most remembered presenter was Gary Wilmot although a ton of different presenters were used over the years. It was cancelled by the Beeb in 1995. Fondly remembered.
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