10 Once Awesome TV Shows That Now Suck

10. The X-Files

The X-Files Season 11

The X-Files is one of the most famous sci-fi tv shows out there, and, given how obsessed everyone is with the nineties at the mo', it was only a matter of time until Mulder and Scully got some kind of reboot treatment.

Expectations were high for the series' return, and, while it did score some good reviews off the bat of its strong comic con debut, the tenth season was polarising, to say the very least. It had its moments, that's for sure, with a few good episodes rounding off a thoroughly mediocre revival. But most really failed to live up to the quality of the OG series.

That's not to say that The X-Files was always a critical darling of the medium - it wasn't - but there's a huge amount of love for the show out there and the tenth season really didn't reciprocate it all that well. Here's hoping that season eleven can switch things up soon.

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