10 Problems With Westworld Nobody Wants To Admit

10. It Never Topped The Pilot


Initially it seemed like Westworld was going to live up to the hype, with its first episode, The Original, a very strong pilot episode on the whole.

It introduces the characters in all their brilliantly performed glory, establishes the world of the show with ease, and then drops some tantalizing hints about the direction in which Season 1 was going to go. Everyone will have been pulled right in by this intelligent story-telling, not to mention the great visuals and sheer epic scope of the entire thing.

While getting the pilot right is highly important, not topping the first part of a show is often fatal. That is exactly what happened with Westworld. The pilot episode kept things simple and had a more spectacle-based approach.

That would've been a good tone to stick to throughout Season One, since all the complexity and different layers ultimately became hugely exhausting. The excitement felt watching the pilot disappeared from memory as watching the show became a struggle to remember all the incomprehensible plot threads.


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