10 Problems With Westworld Nobody Wants To Admit

The Next Game of Thrones? Err....


Game of Thrones has 6 episodes to go, which will air in 2019, and then it will go away forever. Given that GOT is the biggest TV show in the world, HBO obviously needs another program to fill in the gap, and they appear to have chosen Westworld for that formidable task. And, thus far, everyone has overwhelmingly praised Westworld and has described it as the next big TV show.

Here's the thing: Westworld is a three-star show at the most. It's not bad at all, but it certainly isn't a masterpiece. One can fall in love with its often masterful acting, stunning visuals, perfect score by Ramin 'Game of Thrones' Djawadi and big questions all they like, but there are a huge number of issues with Westworld that it gets away with.

Westworld is overdone, self-indulgent, overly slow and nowhere near as smart as it thinks it is. Are people just desperate for a new TV obsession now that Thrones is nearly gone?

There are many valid problems with Westworld that shouldn't be ignored. Mysteriously few reviews of the show have actually bothered to mention them.

Be warned, spoilers ahead for Westworld Season 1.


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