10 Questions We Need Answering About 2017's Most Anticipated TV Shows

The dazed, bearded look is all the rage this season.

Stranger Things Walking Dead Flash
Netflix/AMC/The CW

The previous nine months have already offered up a number of stunning TV shows and memorable small-screen moments, and within those we've had answers to some of the year's biggest questions.

It's only the beginning of October, and already we've found out how The Leftovers would end, how the White Walkers would invade Westeros, and just what the f**k happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper some 25 years ago.

Fear not, however, because the final quarter of the year still has a lot to get through. The Fall months bring back a number of the big networks' biggest series, while streaming giants still have a few major shows to roll out as well.

It remains to be seen exactly where these will fit in the pantheon of 2017 TV shows, with plenty of strong competition out there, but there are a number of other questions that must be addressed as well before the year comes to a close. We might get reveals we love, be confounded further, or left wishing we'd never bothered asking, but these are the questions we need answering.


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