10 Reasons Glee Fans Hate Glee


10. Continuity? What Continuity? What’s Character Development?

Arguably Glee’s biggest flaw – and certainly the one most pointed out by viewers, is the writers inability to conceive that what happened a season ago still counts. Or perhaps they’ve simply forgotten or never watched the episodes in the first place – it would certainly seem that way! I’ve mentioned some examples already – Quinn’s erased character development and Will’s teaching skills, but have a few more: Is Rachel the driven, talented girl with burning ambitions for stardom or a silly girl devoted to a high school marriage and unable to comprehend the idea of applying to a backup college? Who knows? Finn goes from being a reasonably good guy to a sore victim who outs lesbian Santana, whom he later claims means a lot to him despite previously always telling everybody else she meant nothing. Puck was revealed to have a vasectomy in season two but said nothing of it when Quinn begged him to impregnate her again. Brittany’s transformed from a ditzy cheerleader to a child in a teen’s body with a severe learning disability. I don’t even know who the Blaine character is – introduced as a seemingly older, suave mentor to Kurt who had suffered from bullying and gay bashing in the past, it’s later revealed in season three he is in fact younger than half the glee club and from there his character just goes all over the place. I’m only scraping the iceberg.

I wish I could say I listed all of Glee’s problems. This started as a list of five and I could make it a list of twenty. The show everyone either adored or avoided is now something nobody really thinks about anymore. Ratings and music sales have been in the decline accordingly. It’s easy to see why – Glee is, at best, a musical drama with some interesting if mostly ignored characters, and at worst an incomprehensible mess with a soundtrack. Still, there are reasons fans still stay watch it and reasons why they write out exceedingly long lists of all the things they wish would change.