10 Recent TV Shows That Failed Hard (But Should Have Been Great)

We were all so excited, then all so disappointed.


With the glut of quality television coming out in current times, audiences have certainly developed a higher standard of expectations than a few years back.

It was different in say, the 90s, when a show could launch to a handful of luke-warm early seasons (e.g. The X-Files, Buffy) but slowly build an audience, as well as eventually find its footing as a strong show.

Yet, in the present day, no one tolerates it: sub-par shows really don’t have much chance of surviving very long, usually disappearing swiftly if they’re downright mediocre or the promotional materials just didn't manage to grab people.

But what about when a much-hyped show - with every reason (on paper) for it to succeed, or with an insanely talented group of people behind it - results in lacklustre quality?

The accumulated list is focusing on the rare cases of such - shows that should have been incredible but turned out dull, or even in some cases, were epic dumpster fires. The results for most of these are more confusing than infuriating, as all the elements seemed to be in place, yet the results were left wanting.


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