10 Saddest TV Character Exits That Made You Cry

Be warned, getting through this list is going to be hard... that's what she said.

Who doesn't love a good cry? While movies are often known as the tear jerkers in entertainment, when TV makes you cry, it makes you cry hard. Fans invest years of their lives into TV shows, watching the characters grow and develop. Watching them fail, watching them succeed. Laughing with them and laughing at them. That's why it's so difficult when they leave. Often, seeing a member of your favourite cast depart can feel like losing a member of the family.

TV show exits can bring a tear to the eye for a whole range of reasons. Sometimes it’s because the beloved character will be so badly missed, and other times it’s because of the utter devastation they leave behind. In the interests of variety, there’s some deaths, some finales, some Irish goodbyes and some that made you sad for all the right reasons, just to keep you on your toes.

Fair warning, while some of these moments might have an almost sweet, nostaligic feel to them, others are going to hurt like a gut-punch. This is like watching an old home movie of your faithful dog being put to sleep, after all. Make sure you have a Kleenex ready.

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