Almost Human Alternate

It’s no secret that sci-fi is proving to be the most popular and lucrative genre of the industry right now. Frankly, I’m surprised audiences aren’t sick of every new breed of alien or superhero that gets thrown at them, often accompanied with flimsy plots and mediocre acting. God knows the number of science fiction shows that have ultimately ended up biting the bullet, simply because they couldn’t hold on to their viewers long enough. Or maybe they held on too long, proving that sometimes it’s best to let go (I’m looking at you, Stargate SG-1).

But every once in a while there comes a period of genuinely entertaining science fiction media, and it looks as though the 2013/2014 season is going to be one of those periods. The success that established sci-fi shows have garnered seems to be acting as a beacon for a number of new projects, and we can only hope a few of them will stick around for more than one season.

This is a list of 10 new and returning sci-fi shows, in no particular order, that have promising futures.

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This article was first posted on October 28, 2013