10 Sexiest Star Trek Aliens

8. Rionoj €” Pirate Booty

Rionoj A truly alien choice coming in at number eight is Boslic freighter captain/privateer/smuggler Rionoj. Actress Leslie Bevis suffered through what must have been many hours in the make-up chair to bring Rionoj to life for a rough total of only seven minutes screen time over the course of three Deep Space Nine episodes. And while it was a damn fine make-up job, the fact is that as a result of all that time and effort, Rionoj possesses a puss that on its own probably wouldn't have made the cut here. Lucky for her (and us) that she was more than just a bird-face. South of the jawline was all Ms. Bevis, tall, lean and sultry, wrapped in leather, stalking through those seven minutes with animalistic grace. And beneath the latex headgear the actress worked her mouth into a sexy sneer and purred her lines like a wanton cougar. Which would make her a kind of freakish hybrid bird/cat griffon of lust or something. Sure, why not? The first two times Rionoj dropped by DS9 she was simply a literary device, only there in the beginning to get the story started by turning some items of plot-point importance over to Quark the bartender. The last time we saw this space dominatrix, she'd made it all the way to the first commercial break before making a hasty getaway, leaving ailing shapeshifter, Constable Odo in a puddle of goo on the cargo bay floor. We know the feeling, Constable. We've all been there.
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