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Depending on how emotionally invested you are in a TV show and its particular characters, a character’s death can leave a huge impact. There are deaths that you know are coming and that you’re completely prepared for. Then there are other deaths that come out of nowhere.

Shocking deaths can change the course of a TV series and provide from some equally awesome and sad moments. Whether it’s a comedy or a drama, a death that comes out of nowhere provides for a moment that can sometimes define a series. Other times, a death is used simply for shock factor or to provide abrupt closure for a character.

While there are countless shocking deaths in the world of scripted television, here are 10 that have truly left a mark. Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen a particular show on the list.

10. Dualla – Battlestar Galactica (Season 4, Episode 11)


Dualla was never a very interesting character on BSG but she was at least somewhat likable. You couldn’t help feel bad for her when she fell in love in with Lee Adama, who would always have feelings for fan favorite Kara Thrace. Dualla never had a chance against Kara.

When the crew finally arrived at their long-awaited salvation of Earth, they found it to be a nuclear wasteland. Years of running from destructive Cylons to discover a post-apocalyptic Earth brought the entire fleet’s morale to the dumps, but apparently for Dualla it was too much to handle.

After having a lovely evening and reconciliation with Lee, her mood seemed to lighten up. Then, out of nowhere, she abruptly shot herself in the head in the locker room. Her creepy, glowing smile right before she pulled the trigger made this truly disturbing and shocking. It was a very “out of left-field” moment that occurred midway through the episode, which through the crew into an even deeper depression, as well as the audience.

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This article was first posted on July 29, 2013