10 Stupidest Game Of Thrones Moments

1. Deus Ex Machinas Beyond The Wall


The stupidest episode in all of Game Of Thrones, Beyond The Wall was a terrible hour of fan-fiction. Although there were horrible examples of dialogue and pacing that deserve to be lamented, the biggest issue was the showrunners’ disregard for logistics and embrace of deus ex machinas.

Gendry running off and sending a raven to Daenerys at Dragonstone was bad enough, but she received the message and then travelled all the way from one end of the massive world to the other in less than a day.

Not only that, but she conveniently arrived beyond the wall just as the wights were overcoming Jon Snow and his magnificent seven, allowing her to swoop in like Superman and save her damsel-in-distress.

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, Uncle Benjen – Coldhands – then came out of nowhere to similarly rescue Jon Snow from certain death.

There were plenty of other idiotic moments like the wights hooking chains around Daenerys’ drowned dragon despite not being able to swim, but it’s the fast travel and impromptu rescues that hurt the most:

They removed all excitement for season eight by embodying the show’s decline from an unpredictable, anti-Hollywood series, to another fantasy cliche.

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