10 Surprising Cameos By WWE Wrestlers In Cartoons

Because some personalities are too outlandish for the world of wrestling.


When it comes to celebrity bragging rights in WWE, few can boast legitimate mainstream status outside of the pro wrestling bubble. With obvious notable exceptions, like John Cena and Brock Lesnar, some of wrestling's biggest stars can still walk the streets largely unnoticed (except for the fact that they are mostly massive).

However, for a select few, the level of celebrity achieved in the wrestling business has not only seen them crossover into mainstream entertainment, but also seen them cross over into the two dimensional world of cartoons. Nothing says "superstar" quite like being immortalised in a animation, and only a handful of wrestling talent have been lucky enough to make the leap.

From recurring parts in multiple episodes to momentary cameos that literally last seconds, whenever wrestling and cartoons collide, the outcome is usually a win/win. Sports entertainment itself is often accused of being cartoon-like, with superhero physiques and larger than life personalities commonplace, making the marriage between the two an easy fit.

Whether you're looking for a taste of nostalgia, an interesting bit of trivia or simply curious who made the cut, these ten entries will prove that you're never too old for cartoons - especially if you're a wrestling fan.


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