10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The Walking Dead

If Daryl dies we riot? Not quite...

The Walking Dead Things Everyone Gets Wrong

Despite still being one of the most popular shows in the world, The Walking Dead's stock has taken a nosedive over the past couple of seasons.

With fans and critics alike getting fed up about the lack of any substantial development, the decision to keep focusing on the wrong characters and the butchering of the comic-book source material, the increase in criticism has resulted in the usually under-the-surface grumblings about AMC's world-conquering show becoming more vocal than ever before.

While some of the complaints and claims aimed at The Walking Dead - especially in recent years - are pretty bang on the money though, there are some things that constantly crop up that just don't make any sense.

Being spread around message boards, reviews and even memes, despite how controversial The Walking Dead is, these popular claims which have hounded the programme for years now only result in people overlooking the things the show actually doesn't do well, and it's time to finally put them to bed.


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