10 Things We Learned From The X-Files Revival Premiere My Struggle

The revival, or shortened tenth season, premiered Sunday - what did we learn?

After over a decade away from the small screen (with a brief stop in movie theatres for 2008's I Want To Believe), the iconic 90s sci-fi/paranormal juggernaut The X-Files finally returned to network television. One of the most recognizable television sci-fi franchises, the return of the show, in the form of a revival rather than reboot or remake, was huge news throughout 2015. The fact that it was "getting the band back together again" and had all the key players was promising - but X-Files fans (otherwise known as X-Philes) are a highly critical bunch at the best of times. The first episode of the show, written and directed by series creator Chris Carter and focusing on both bringing viewers up to speed on where main characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are now, where they've been since 2008, and the ongoing alien conspiracy central to the show, is entitled My Struggle. It premiered for a collection of lucky fans back in October, but the rest of us had to wait. So, what did we learn from the return of the X-Files? Was the revival worth the wait, or should Fox have gone the Next Generation route? Lets take a look at ten things we learned from the first episode of The X-Files revival (or season ten if your prefer), My Struggle.

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