10 Things We Learned From Twin Peaks: The Return Part 12

An hour more strange than wonderful.


If Twin Peaks: The Return is in part a gruelling exercise in expectations, social media reflected this theme in something of a misguided manner.

Cast member David Dastmalchian (the little-seen Pit Boss Warrick) tweeted a picture of himself in the Red Room, captioned "Take a [fire] walk on the wild side...things will never...be...the same." This promise of an earth-shaker akin to the surrealist smorgasbord of Part 8, a hallucinogenic bridge between Las Vegas and the Black Lodge, was retweeted by series co-creator and co-writer Mark Frost, adding fuel to this "different sort of fire."

The description of Part 12 itself fanned those flames. "Let's Rock" were the words uttered by the Little Man From Another Place at the onset of Episode 2's iconic Red Room sequence and scrawled onto the windshield of the departed Special Agent Chet Desmond in Fire Walk With Me. The words carry a certain connotative meaning - a harbinger of supernatural phenomena. Bluntly, this tweet led viewers to expect a total mindf*ck. They weren't wrong, necessarily. Perhaps Warrick was a week or so premature. He would not be the only character disoriented by the timeline; Nadine Hurley has managed to run a store front business while remaining seated at the altar of Dr. Amp for days.

In any event, that promise was delivered on...


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